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SD card mounting and right clicking in Thunar 1.2.2 via Linux Mint xfce

I just installed Linux mint xfce and I only have/had 2 problems. My SD card was not always mounted when I inserted it into the built in card reader. Go to Menu>Settings>Removable Drives and Media. Under Removable Drives I checked 3 options that seemed to have fixed the problem.
Mount removable drives when hot-plugged
Mount removable media when inserted
Browse removable media when inserted
Plus I installed pmount from the repositories.
All is well with auto mounting SD cards, media players and usb sticks.

I was trying to sort pictures into separate folder via Thunar 1.2.2. While right clicking files, the options menu would flash, then disappear. If I held the right mouse button down the menu would stay. That ain’t right. After scouring the Internet I found that changing the “Style” would fix this problem. Go to Menu>settings>Appearance and for the style select Xfce-4.6 . Fixed. Don’t know why but it’s fixed.

xfce version: 4.8.0
Thunar version: 1.2.2
I ran away in horror from Linux Mint 12 main edition do to bugginess and performance issues on my laptop. I’ll revisit version 13.