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Radio Tray

Let’s see… Radio Tray. It’s my new favorite application. I heard about it on episode 6 of a podcast called Working In The Open. Check out the podcast and check out the app. It’s not in the Debian repositories but there is a .deb install file on the radio tray site. Check that out here: .

It’s just a simple little app that runs in your system tray. It streams Internet radio stations. It’s easy to configure and to manage radio stations. To install, just download the deb file and run it. That’s if you have a Debian based system. I’ve installed it on Linux Mint 8 so far and I love it. I will attempt an install on Debian Lenny at a later date. I’ll update this post then. The source is available so it should be installabe on any linux system.

If you do install it, may I suggest your first station addition?

To add that station, just right click the Radiotray icon in your system tray and select “Configure radios”. When the “Configure radios” window pops up, select “Add”. Then just add the radio stations name and the URL of the stream. Select OK and your set.

Dig that!