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Debian 5 (Lenny)
Linux kernel: 2.6.26-2-486

For some reason I wanted to make a VoIP call with my base lenny install since I got the sound working a few days ago. I decide on Linphone because it’s in the repo’s. Let’s install the command line version.

$ sudo aptitude install linphone-nox

Ok, let’s run it.

$ linphonec
I get a warning that video is disabled but… I already knew that.


OK, so now were ready to make a test call. This is an echo test from somewhere in Australia.

linphonec> call sip:*

You should hear a womans voice explaining what’s going on. You should also be able to hear yourself when you speak into your mic. For some reason everything was muted in alsamixer. I had to unmute the sound and mic.

The configuration file is located at:
It’s a hidden file.
I’m not sure how to configure this yet but I’ll update this post as I get it.

That’s it. Yer good…..Call someone.

Also check out the man page.
$ man linphonec