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Ubuntu 9.10 : Disable recently viewed documents

I was asked how to disable recently viewed video files in Movie Player. Well looks like there are no GUI options to do this. I mean no options in Gnome or Movie Player to shut this feature off. It’s not an option but we can get it done. This solution also shuts off the Recent Documents feature in Gnome. I’ve only had success with this in Ubuntu 9.10. I doesn’t work on Debian 5(Lenny). That’s as far as my testing has gone. I will try it on Mint 8…. but not tonight. First lets create a hidden file in our home directory. Open a terminal and type:
touch ~/.gtkrc-2.0
You now need to open the file you just created with gedit. Type:
gedit ~/.gtkrc-2.0
sudo is not needed. You created this file in your home directory, you own it. 🙂 That will open the blank document “.gtkrc-2.0”
Now copy and paste this command into that document and save it.
For this to take affect, you need to restart Gnome. You can reboot your machine, or restart Gnome from the command line. To restart Gnome from the command line, shut down all running applications. Firefox, gedit….whatever…shut it down. You might want to write this command down. Now open a terminal and type:
sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart
Done! No more history. Go to Places > Recent Documents, and it should be grayed out…. empty. Now open Movie player. The file history should be gone.
I got my info from here. >Ubuntu Guide<

Hope this helps…