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Installing Urban Terror 4.11 on Debian Squeeze (64 bit)

I upgraded to Squeeze 64 bit, carried over the UT folder, started UrbanTerror and Crash! For some reason It would not run. I was running UT 4.1 on Debian Lenny (32 bit). Yes I did start the 64 bit launcher… Crashed! So I downloaded UT 4.11. Still crashed. It seems to be a bug, but I did find a fix.
Here > Optimized executable; builds of ioq3 engine for urt
I’ll reproduce it here in case that one goes away. I just merged the UT folder and the optimized folder. oq3-urt is the launcher.

I pretty much followed my old instructions here. I just had to merge in a few optimized files in the install folder.

The file below will download as ioq3-1807-urt-251210-linux64-tar.odt. After it is downloaded, rename it to ioq3-1807-urt-251210-linux64-tar.bz2

I had to change the extension to get it on the server.

Or just download it from here without having to change the file name:

Extract ioq3-1807-urt-251210-linux64-tar.bz2 into urt’s executable binary directory (tar jxpvf in console or with a file manager).

run ./ioq3-urt (if it’s not executable, chmod +x)
ioq3-urt now starts the game.
You should be in business. I fixed my install.

Thanks again to for the help.

Installing Urban Terror 4.1 on Debian Lenny

Urban Terror Screenshot

Urban Terror Screenshot

Debian 5 (Lenny)
Linux kernel: 2.6.26-2-686
Gnome: 2.22.3

Download the Urban Terror zip file (UrbanTerror_41_FULL) from here: Urban Terror Downloads

I put it in my home folder. Right click the file and choose Extract Here. That will put a folder named UrbanTerror in your home directory. Open that folder. I’m running Debian Lenny 32 bit so I will be using the ioUrbanTerror.1386 file. Right click that file. Choose Properties. Go to the Permissions tab. Put a check next to Allow executing file as program. Then close that panel. Now go back to the UrbanTerror folder in your home directory and double click ioUrbanTerror.i386 and you should be in business.

I need a shortcut on my desktop. Right click the desktop. Select Create Launcher. Type is Application. Where it say’s Name, type Urban Terror 4.1 . Command is the command used to launch Urban Terror. To find this, navigate to the Urban Terror folder in your home directory. Find the ioUrbanTerror.i386 file. Right click that file. Under the Basic tab, you will see Location. Highlight and copy the location.It will look something like this: /home/your_user_name/UrbanTerror. Now past that location in the command field in the Creat Launcher Panel. Then add ioUrbanTerror.i386 on the end of it. It should look something like this:

Command: /home/your_user_name/UrbanTerror/ioUrbanTerror.i386

Hit OK on the create launcher panel and you should be good. Double click on the Urban Terror shortcut you just made on your desktop and you should be on your way.

I had help from here: Review + Howto install Urban Terror on Linux , so check it out.

Next I think I’ll install Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. We’ll see.

screenshot homestar

screenshot homestar is a website that my daughter(7yr old) and myself have spent hours on. It has all kinds of silly and funny short cartoons. Check it out.


Texas Hold’em Poker

scareenshot pokerth

screenshot pokerth

PokerTH is a Texas Holdem style poker game.

I myself am not a big poker player but I do know a few people that are. I just switched my dad over to Linux Mint 6 on one of his machines. He is tired of his windows machine running like crap all of the time so I figured I’d let him try Mint for a while. Thing is that he likes quite a few games that run on windows. I’ve never been able to get wine to work very well so I’ve been looking for replacement games. One of the games is Texas Holdem Poker and I think that PokerTH will do nicely. It’s fun and runs very well.

It is in the Debian repositories. I’ve installed it on Debian(Squeeze), Ubuntu(8.04) and Mint(5 & 6).

Install through Synaptic or at the terminal type:

sudo apt-get install pokerth

website: PokerTH