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GNU / Linux and The Logitech diNovo Edge Bluetooth Keyboard

I took a gamble buying this keyboard because it’s not advertised as Linux friendly. Seems that I gambled and won.

I’m building a Computer for my mother. She has used web TV/msnTV2 for years. It was easy, straight forward, virus free and didn’t required maintenance. She loved it. After upgrading to the msnTV2 box and getting about 15 months of use out of it, the box died. Figures, 3 months out of warranty and it dies. Call MS support, they give me to RCA. They send me to the 3rd party warranty people and we are S.O.L. . Ok, screw it, I’ll just build a Linux box on the cheap and she can use that. Linux Mint is the distro for her. Everything works out of the box and it’s easy to use.

Anyway…..She needed a keyboard/mouse combo that can be used without the need for a table or tray to use the mouse. Something that could be used from the comfort of the couch. In walks the diNovo Edge.

Take it out of the box, plug in the usb blue tooth dongle, turn on the keyboard, hit the sync buttons and away we go. Works great. All the buttons work. All but 3 of the fn buttons work. And they might even work, I just don’t know what they do. (fn = home page, mail, media player controls and a few more) Very nice. The only problem is that when Mint6 is rebooted, the keyboard does not work unless you remove the usb blue tooth dongle, plug the dongle back in and re sync. After some searching on the net, I found the fix. Now this is on Linux Mint 6 which is base on Ubuntu Intrepid. You have to remove the package “Bluez”. Go into Synaptic and remove it. Now reboot. Plug the dongle back in and you should be good on every boot now. Apparently the dongle is a blue tooth hub and for the some reason the Bluez package interferes with it’s operation. I don’t pretend to know how or why it does or does not work, I just know how to get this keyboard/mouse combo unit working under this Debian based distribution.

The keyboard/mouse combo is nicely constructed, not flimsy and appears to have the full keyboard layout minus the number pad on the right. The mouse touch pad works about as good as a mouse touch pad can work. No problems there. The charging cradle is also a big plus. When you’re not using it, put it on charge. I’ve only been using it for a few days to test it out. Tomorrow it’s heading to moms house for install. I think she’ll like it.

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Update march 6 2010 : I just installed Linux Mint 8 on her machine with this same keyboard and the “bluez” package was not a problem this time. The keyboard is still going strong without a problem.