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COMMAND LINE ADVENTURES: Debian Lenny Sound Install

Debian 5 (Lenny)
Linux kernel: 2.6.26-2-486

I decided that I want to stream online radio stations through my Debian Lenny server (No GUI).I say server loosely because I have openssh-server installed. I use it for irssi and bashpodder. But now it will stream online music. Lets get started.

First thing I did was install mplayer:
$ sudo aptitude install mplayer
Since sound was not installed during the base install, I have to install sound…. or alsa should I say. This is the short story.
alsa install:
$ sudo aptitude install alsa-base alsa-utils
Those 2 packages should do it. I logged in as root and ran:
# alsaconf
Looks like the on-board sound is not even detected. I had an old PCI sound card laying around, so I shut it down, installed the card and reboot. Again, as root I ran:
# alsaconf
Went through the configuration screens where I picked my card and alsa configured the driver.
Now to test this out, I tried to connect to a radio station with mplayer:
$ mplayer
Nothing. I know this works because I can listen to this on my other full Debian install. Something must not be configured right. I run alsamixer:
$ alsamixer.
This is what I see.

Great, it looks like the master volume/volumes are all the way down. So I turn them up. I use my left and right arrow keys to make my selection. Then the up and down keys to raise or lower the volumes.
Hit Escape and try my station again:
$ mplayer
Damn it! Still no sound. Open alsamixer again:
$ alsamixer
I notice the little “MM” in the boxes under each component. I arrow over to the master volume and hit the M key. The “MM” was replaced with “00”. The “MM” means muted. Well I finally came up with this configuration. The Master volume and PCM unmuted.
So now I run:
and I hear voices……and the radio. 😉

Debian Lenny: System Sounds

Debian 5 (Lenny)
Linux kernel: 2.6.26-2-686
Gnome: 2.22.3

So far I don’t have system sounds working on my install. Sound does work, I just don’t have start-up and shut-down sounds. Things like that.
When I go to System > Preferences > Sound, and go to the Sound tab, play system sounds is checked. Still no system sounds. Let’s try this. Through synaptic, I installed gnome-audio and esound. Still no sound. I then, through synaptic, installed libesd-alsa0. Installing libesd-alsa0 replaces libesd-0. Now the system sounds work. If not… reboot. They should now.

Update: System/Gnome sounds are a bit annoying. I think I’ll turn them off.



screenshot gpodder

gpodder is an app that I use daily. I always update my feeds and sync my portable ogg player because I’m attached to the thing. The media player has replaced the radio in my world. I have an adapter for the car and ear buds for everywhere else. Check it out.

website: gpodder

I just downloaded an ogg file……now what do I do with it?

This is to help a few friends deal with the increasingly popular ogg audio format. If your portable media player does not support the ogg format, I can’t help you there. I can suggest that the next time you buy a portable media player, buy one that supports ogg.

But, as far as your personal computation machine, I can help. Weather your running OSX, Windows or the far superior GNU/Linux operating system, I have a single solution.

VLC Media Player

VLC will play just about anything!

Follow the link, download your flavor and get happy.

Now go try it out on some quality oggcasts!

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