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CLI Magic: Brings in podcasts with BashPodder

Command scheduling with cron

These are my notes on how I setup a cron job to run bashpodder. I’ve never ran any of those 2 programs before so I’m making notes here just in case those 2 websites above take a dump. Visit them if you need help. How I did it.

I set this up on the headless 500mhz machine.

I’m installing bashpodder so I can it automatically update my oggcasts every night. Kind of install it and forget it.

In my home directory, I made a folder called podcasts. I  navigate to that folder. I then download 3 files. I first went to the bashpodder forums and got the location of the most update files. >here<

The 3 files I installed and the commands:
$ wget
$ wget
$ wget

First thing I did was edit the bp.conf file. This is the file that holds the list of web/podcasts that you want to keep up with. It comes with a bunch of pre loaded feeds. you might want to restrict it to just a few the first time you run it. It will download everything in the feed. That could be A LOT of large files. So while still in the podcasts folder, I ran:
$ nano bp.conf
That pulled up the bp.conf file… and I edited it.
Now I made the script executable. Type this:
$ chmod 755
chmod – Changes the permission of a file.
755 means read and execute access for everyone and also write access for the owner of the file.

Now run it. If you’r not in the podcasts directory, get there and run:
$ ./
When bashpodder runs, it downloads all non logged episodes. Yes, it keeps track of all of the episodes that it downloads in a log file. So, the episodes of the web/podcasts are downloaded and saved in a folder in the podcasts or what ever name you used’s(if that’s a word) folder. The folder has the date of the download. Done. That’s it. Add more web/oggcasts to the bp.conf file and be happy.

Now to make it update automatically in the middle of the night. CRON!

Cron automates the running of scripts. Simply!

Add a cron job. Open your cron tab:
$ crontab -e
Now you need to now the path to the script. I’ve set it up to where my path is podcasts/ .
Now how to set it up or write it in our cron tab file. The format is:
* * * * * [COMMAND]
1st * – Min (00-59)
2nd * – Hour (00-23)
3rd * – Day of the month (00-31)
4th * – Month (01-12)
5th * – Day of the week ( 01-07)

00 03 * * * [command] Would be an entry to run a script every night at 3am. And that’s when I have bashpodder run. My entry looks like this:
30 03 * * * podcasts/
It runs at 3:30am every night.
If i wanted it to run every Sunday at 3:30am, it would look like this:
35 03 * * 07 podcasts/
It seems that the week starts on a Monday in cronland. I think we get the point. Experiment, play around with it.

Lots of good information here. Command scheduling with cron.

Update: I’m now using Mashpodder. It’s pretty much the same set up but it organizes the downloaded podcasts a little better. Check it out >here<.

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