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LibreOffice Writer to EPUB

My daughter loves to write stories in writer, gedit or anything she can get her hands on. I thought it would be great to put them on the nook in epub format. Here’s how to get the converter set up or the plugin installed.

My setup
LibreOffice 3.4.4
Linux Mint 12
Writer2epub.oxt [writer2epub 1.1.10] [link]

Download the extension here. Once downloaded, I right clicked the file (Writer2epub.oxt), and selected Open With LibreOffice. It launched, I accepted the agreement and it installed. Restarted LibreOffice Writer and there they are. Three icons in the upper left hand corner under the New Document icon. Nice!

I use Calibre to get these things on the eReaders.(Nook and Kindle)

SD card mounting and right clicking in Thunar 1.2.2 via Linux Mint xfce

I just installed Linux mint xfce and I only have/had 2 problems. My SD card was not always mounted when I inserted it into the built in card reader. Go to Menu>Settings>Removable Drives and Media. Under Removable Drives I checked 3 options that seemed to have fixed the problem.
Mount removable drives when hot-plugged
Mount removable media when inserted
Browse removable media when inserted
Plus I installed pmount from the repositories.
All is well with auto mounting SD cards, media players and usb sticks.

I was trying to sort pictures into separate folder via Thunar 1.2.2. While right clicking files, the options menu would flash, then disappear. If I held the right mouse button down the menu would stay. That ain’t right. After scouring the Internet I found that changing the “Style” would fix this problem. Go to Menu>settings>Appearance and for the style select Xfce-4.6 . Fixed. Don’t know why but it’s fixed.

xfce version: 4.8.0
Thunar version: 1.2.2
I ran away in horror from Linux Mint 12 main edition do to bugginess and performance issues on my laptop. I’ll revisit version 13.