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I just downloaded an ogg file……now what do I do with it?

This is to help a few friends deal with the increasingly popular ogg audio format. If your portable media player does not support the ogg format, I can’t help you there. I can suggest that the next time you buy a portable media player, buy one that supports ogg.

But, as far as your personal computation machine, I can help. Weather your running OSX, Windows or the far superior GNU/Linux operating system, I have a single solution.

VLC Media Player

VLC will play just about anything!

Follow the link, download your flavor and get happy.

Now go try it out on some quality oggcasts!

Linux Cranks Oggcast |   The Bad Apples |   The Juiced Penguin

1st post

The next few posts will be reposts from another blog of mine that is discontinued. Since this is mostly for my reference, I’ll be reposting it here.